The Beginning

Behind the Gavel was born after working on several complex federal criminal cases together. It became clear that many CJA attorneys lacked sufficient resources to manage and review complex, voluminous discovery. Behind the Gavel strives to contribute however they can to CJA panel members, Defender Services, and the court systems as a whole.

Our Expertise

Over the last 6 years, BTG has worked on dozens of Federal, State, civil and criminal cases. Combined, those cases contained approximately 6,500,000 discovery pages. We have helped legal teams all across the United States with massive conspiracy cases, gang cases, drug cases, firearms cases, human sex trafficking cases, RICO cases, Title III cases, fraud cases, and more.

Behind the Gavel has been commended and recommended by many attorneys and staff across the country for our ability to produce organized discovery in a timely, cost-effective fashion. Federal judges have also recognized and valued the cost-saving abilities that BTG can bring to an appointed case. BTG has a customer satisfaction rating of over 97% and have saved legal teams over 330 hours on average!


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We Feel Very Proud For Our Great Achievement


Cary Christiansen

Cary holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Phoenix. Cary has been involved in the litigation support, and IT, industry as a vendor and a Litigation Support Specialist/ACSA for the Federal Defenders Offices in Las Vegas, NV and Spokane, WA for over 15 years. His focus has been on helping clients strategically manage voluminous data for effective and efficient use/functionality. Cary has in-depth knowledge and experience with a variety of database solutions, custom scripts and apps all designed for thoroughness, accuracy, and efficiency.

As co-owner, Cary is passionate about helping an overworked and overburdened defender community carve through vast amounts of data, that can oftentimes seem insurmountable, easily, quickly, and effectively. His passion is driven by his aspirations for affordable and effective representation for all.

Outside of BTG, Cary enjoys attending his kids’ sporting events, anything outdoors, planning and cooking for friends with his wife, and occasionally hanging out at the beach or on any golf course.


What The People Have To Say


Phillip Wetzel
Attorney at Law, Spokane, WA

I also give Daley an enthusiastic two thumbs up. He has been happy to go the extra mile. He has made himself available after hours. He has a rare ability to extract the relevant info from gobs of reports. He is talented and diligent.


John B McEntire IV
Federal Defenders of Eastern WA & ID

I worked with Cary for several years on many complex white collar cases. He is adept at organizing document heavy discovery cases, which is invaluable for time-crunched attorneys looking to identify the issues. The benefits of his help outweigh the costs-simple as that.


Steve Hormel
Hormel Law Office, L.L.C., Spokane, WA

Daley is experienced, skilled, efficient and a pleasure to work with. His assistance to me and on mega cases increased my effectiveness in representing my clients in a more efficient manner.


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