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I am a visual person. You could tell me how to do something eight times, and I could still get lost. Writing and reading notes, drawing diagrams, looking at a photo or recognizing patterns is my best chance at retaining information. I know I am not alone in this. When I was in high school, I learned math not by understanding the logic of an equation as explained by my teacher, but rather by staring at examples and recognizing the pattern of their results.

One of my first cases with Behind the Gavel involved a huge drug trafficking and money laundering conspiracy. There were many players, with the investigation turning in a hundred different directions along the way. “Who is this guy?” I kept asking myself, “How do these people fit together?”  We know how daunting some of these types of cases can be and these are just some of the questions we address for you in nearly every project. 

So for those of you who are with me on the visual-aid-train, have we got a tool for you!

The Relational Chart is a tool designed to lay out a conspiracy in a series of visual aids. We analyze discovery for patterns of connections between co-conspirators, display them on diagrams and provide you with a citation for every instance we find, so you can see for yourself our logic behind each affiliation. Those connections can be pulled from agency reports, wiretap data, toll data, and more. We also provide our own flowchart that creates a picture of the conspiracy as we understood it through reading the discovery.

As with our other products, the Relational Chart is created for all defense counsel and can be navigated through by just a couple clicks. But don’t worry, if you do need help with any of our products, we are here for you and can schedule a training at your convenience. We will SHOW you how to get the most out of everything. After all, we visual learners need to help each other out.

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