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We are Behind the Gavel and this is our story.  Behind the Gavel was started by Cary Christiansen and Daley Benson in February 2016.  The desire to start this company came from years of experience working on federal criminal cases where many attorneys lacked sufficient resources to manage and review complex, voluminous discovery.   Cary’s background includes positons at the Federal Defenders Office in Las Vegas, NV and Spokane, WA as a litigation support specialist/ACSA for over fifteen years.  Daley has worked as a contract paralegal and a litigation support specialist on many complex cases throughout the United States.  He has assisted attorneys through every stage of litigation via research, writing, analysis, organization, trial-preparation, and a number of other litigation-related tasks. Daley has also created a first-of-its-kind interactive charting technique that can be applied to multi or single defendant cases.

With Cary’s IT background and Daley’s experience with the litigation process, they knew they could create something better for attorneys who deal with complex discovery situations. 

Our approach is easy: “Keep it simple”.  We understand your workloads and time constraints and want to focus you on the review process rather than spending time learning complex software or using ineffectual methods.  In fact, while educating attorneys about our products, they are often surprised at the depth we go, while still making the product user friendly and effective. 

With the ability to save attorneys hundreds of hours on a case and get them to the pertinent material quicker and easier, BTG has become a valuable resource on CJA appointed cases across the U.S. 

Cary and Daley have built a team committed to due process, equality, and justice.  They have developed tools that are easy to learn, easy to use, and come with a team of support committed to your success.  In fact, a big part of our story is the culture here at BTG.  While we understand the seriousness of the work we do and treat every case, big or small, as if it is the most important work we will do, we also have learned to find time to let off steam and have some fun.  Our team values collaboration, whether that comes in the form of improving internal processes, or teaming up against Daley in a nerf war.  As a team, we celebrate accomplishments both professional and personal and our office is very unique because it is full of people who want to be here.  At BTG you will find we are passionate about the work we are doing, motivated to perform at a high level, and genuinely care for one another and the success of this company. 

Over the last 3 years, BTG has worked on dozens of Federal, State, civil and criminal cases.  Combined, those cases contained approximately 2,500,000 discovery pages.  We have helped legal teams all across the United States with massive conspiracy cases, gang cases, drug cases, firearms cases, human sex trafficking cases, RICO cases, Title III cases, fraud cases, and more.

Our team continues to grow, as does the scope of the work that we are able to complete.  We have no geographic boundaries and look forward to continuing to assist attorneys become more effective and efficient with our innovative tools and hard working, dedicated staff.    

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