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BTG- Past, Present, and Future

As we begin this New Year, we are going to take a little ride down memory lane.  I am always
motivated by looking back to see where we’ve come from – what we did well, what changed, and what challenges we were able to overcome.  So here we go….back to the beginning.

Behind the Gavel was born in February 2016.  Co-owners Cary and Daley started this company
because they are motivated to ensure that everyone receives fair and equal representation.  That motivation made them unstoppable and the rate at which the company grew was evidence of that.  Less than two years later we had already outgrown the office space and in October 2017 we moved to our current office location.  This allowed us to hire the staff we needed to keep up with the work coming our way. 

Along with the excitement of a new office space, we released our online review platform, De Novo, on October 4, 2017.  De Novo is a game changer in discovery review.  With the ability to log in and search through the discovery, tag documents, share notes, sort and filter – attorneys now had a tool like never before.  In just two years, we exceeded 300 users on De Novo but the growth did not stop there! 

For our first two years the 9th Circuit kept us very busy, however we knew there were cases nationwide that could benefit from our services.  In 2018 we expanded to the 7th Circuit and in 2019 we were into the 7th Circuit and 10th Circuit!   We are grateful to all of the attorneys that have trusted us to help with their case. 

Not only have we grown as a company but our staff have been tested, stretched, and manages to keep getting better and better.  Each full time employee successfully led their own case in 2019, coming in under budget.  The content of discovery is not always pleasant but they charge on and work through issues while developing processes that are better than before. 

The past four years have been full of excitement, challenges, growth, some frustration, and a lot of fun.  But what trumps all of that is the passion of this team at BTG – a passion to perform at a high level and provide the best work product that we possibly can and the support to go with it.  You will not find a more dedicated team with a bigger heart for justice.  But you don’t need to take my word for it. It is in the 12 TB of data, the 4.5 million pages we have processed and most of all the 544 defendants and their attorneys that we have worked for.  98% of those attorneys would recommend BTG on a case – but then, when we save them an average of 330 hours on a case who can blame them? 

Looking back is fun and celebrating our success even more so.  Now that we have looked back, we are looking to the future.  We are continually refining our processes and excited about what 2020 holds for BTG.  Care to join us for the ride?

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