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Civil Cases

BTG offers litigation support services for civil cases, to include document scanning, paralegal services, document analysis, De Novo, and more! We’re here to help you and your staff litigate your civil cases as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have several pricing options available and are ready to help in any way we can!


Document & Data Organization

We can process all of your ESI and metadata.
We can scan and OCR all of your discovery documentation. We can also provide customized objective coding to enable a hastier review.

Paralegal Services

Our paralegals have years of experience to help you with whatever task you may need.

DeNovo: Online Review Platform

Search, sort, filter, tag, and take notes on all of your discovery using our intuitive online review platform. Customize your views and work however you prefer from wherever you are.

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Criminal Cases

Go beyond just keyword searching. We offer a range of litigation support services and paralegal services for federal and state criminal cases, all designed to help you more effectively and efficiently represent your clients. We’ve worked with Criminal Justice Act Panel attorneys, Federal Defender organizations, and state indigent defense organizations to provide the best possible discovery experience. We provide solutions that expedite the “discovery review” portion of a case so that review may be completed faster, with more precision, using more actionable and relevant data. We can also provide you with keyword search indexes so that if your searching needs expand beyond the scope of our coding, you’ll be able to find that proverbial needle in the haystack.

Curious how we can help CJA Panel Members? Click the button below to find out how we can help you!

Complex Case Management

Voluminous Discovery Organization & Management

Discovery Organization

Provide File Unitization & Links
Advanced Sorting and Filtering
Objective/Subjective Coding
Full Text Search Index
Standard File Format Conversion


Relational Analysis
Wiretap Analysis Toll Analysis

Wiretap/Social Media Processing

Title III Intercepts
Pen Register

Paralegal Services

Legal Research
Client Interviews
Exhibit Organization
Transcript Analysis & Organization
Litigation Support

Trial Support

Court Presentations​

Post-Trial Support

Appellate Review
Exhibit Organization
Excerpts of Record


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BTG has created its own proprietary cloud-based review platform that allows access to organized discovery from any place on any desktop, laptop, or tablet (Macs or PCs), with an internet connection. De Novo enables users to sort, filter, search, tag, and take notes on any discovery documents or discovery objects that they deem necessary to review, extract, and/or export from a larger discovery data set. Additionally, De Novo allows users to perform full-text keyword searches through all documentation using words or phrases as well as advanced searching with Boolean terms, fuzzy searching, and wildcard searching.

De Novo also empowers users to collaborate with their staff and co-counsel through an intuitive note-taking and document tagging system. Users may customize nearly every aspect of De Novo to suit their needs and the needs of individual cases.

Users may also export all of their collected data at the push of a button.

De Novo was designed and built with simplicity and efficiency in mind, and, like all things BTG, will help streamline the litigation process for all involved!

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What The People Have To Say


Walter Ayers
Ayers Law Firm, P.L.L.C., Spokane, WA

Daley has been supporting a case that I am participating in (62 defendants).  It involves massive discovery and records at the trial and appellate level.  His skill at organizing, simplifying and making ease of access for factual and legal analysis are exceptional.  I wholeheartedly recommend Daley and his services.


S. McNamara
Attorney At Law, Tucson, Arizona

BTG did an impressive job in a 22-defendant, federal, criminal gun-running case. I could sort by defendant, by firearm, by vehicle, by store – by almost any topic. I was impressed how quickly they organized a large amount of disclosure. They must have keep some poor employee chained to his desk to have organized it so quickly. I think their utility lies in the fact that I did not have to spend weeks reading, learning, and outlining tons of irrelevant disclosure. After their first tutorial, I could within minutes focus on the disclosure that directly impacted my client.


A. Bates Butler III
Law Office of A. Bates Butler III, LLC, Tucson, Arizona

Daley and Cary have been supporting a complex (21 defendant) case in which I am involved. Their ability to extract relevant information from a huge amount of discovery, organize that material and present it in an easily accessible format has been invaluable.


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