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How it works – hiring BTG on your case

Hello there!  We are so pleased that you are considering Behind the Gavel.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and unsure how you might get through those thousands of pages of discovery with the confidence to get to every necessary detail, we can help!

First, we recommend viewing a demonstration of our products, so that you understand the value we can add to your case.  We will schedule a demo at your convenience and encourage all interested attorneys to participate.    We will give you an in-depth look at how we organize discovery and the tools we offer. 

Once you have learned what we can provide for you, and you have decided BTG is a good fit for your case, there are a few simple steps to bring us on board.   

You may want to consult with your case budgeting attorney or CJA Administrator to see what sort of funding is available.  We are always happy to provide demonstrations and additional information to CBA’s and CJA Administrators who may not be familiar with our services. 

Next, we will complete a detailed estimate, which will include all of the work you can expect us to complete, a timeline, and the cost.  We will generate the estimate based on our consultations and discovery review.  Our bids are all-inclusive and, barring large, unforeseen discovery disclosures, cover our funding for the life of the case. We’re able to generate a bid within three days of receiving discovery. If discovery is unavailable, we can work with you to

put our best estimate forward.  

Finally, when you have the bid in hand, submit it to the court through a funding request or funding motion.  If needed, we can help you generate a funding motion.  If the judge approves we will begin immediately!

Ultimately, it is up to the defense attorneys on a case to decide what vendor, if any, they want to utilize. The more attorneys that support our services, the better. In our experience, the Courts are more open to funding a vendor if the majority of attorneys agree that one is necessary. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and we’re willing to work with you, your team, and the Court to make any changes and answer any questions throughout this entire process.


So there it is, a few simple steps to implement what will become invaluable and indispensable tools to represent your client at the highest level.   Still have questions, just ask!!